Bluebox Turkiye Gold Edition – Turkuaz Box Crypto Mining 100K


The Bluebox is a much better alternative to Bitcoin Mining as it consume 500x less power and stays profitable due to its flexibility.



11W – 20W powerusage
1 pool share in Bluepool
Receives payments for serving as node hosting device for TELOS and mines actively XBTX
TELOS rewards based on 100K TELOS collateral
XBTX Hashrate 300H/m in parallel to TELOS

Pay with TELOS to get 5% discount.

The bluebox makes close to 36 -40% annual ROI (as of 14th of March 2021)

5 TIERS are available 100K, 300K, 1M, 3M and 10M

For the lazy ones we support Colocation (serverhousing). This means the box stays with us but works for you.

20% of revenue is send as update and maintenance fee to us. 80% goes to the owner of the box.


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